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6461 Garden Road, #130,
Riviera Beach, FL 33404 - (561) 248-2479

Product Development

Polar Air Supply has the unique advantage of being able to develop and build our own manufacturing equipment. This allows us to provide products of unsurpassed quality and specification. This also permits us to continuously revise and refine our manufacturing process to constantly improve quality and efficiency, thus resulting in a superior product at competitive price for our clients.

Polar Air Supply has added acoustical duct to product list.  This type of duct is provided in a copper as well as an aluminum version. This was accomplished using innovative attachments to our existing machine.

A recent innovation is our introduction of a copper lined duct product to our range of air duct and management products. Our research led us to this innovative product to meet a real need in modern large and small scale facility construction. The company has already obtained a provisional patent on this process, and will shortly apply for a utility patent on this process.

We are committed to the continued expansion of the Polar Air Supply product line to deliver clean, fresh air in cooling and heating situations across America.

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