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Technical Information

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Cobre 29 Silver Jacket Insulated
CuFlex is manufactured in 8 Ft lengths from EPA approved copper. It is supplied with or without an attached coupling. This product is perfect for schools, hospitals and nursing homes. The duct is also good for makeup air where warm and humid air are being brought into the building.

PASI Silver Jacket Insulated
Silver Jacket is UL listed and labeled class 1. This product has been approved for both residential and commercial applications. It maintains full diameter on all bends. It is totally self-supporting when installed using Air Diffusion Council guidelines.


Duct silencers.
Eave Vents
This is an alternative to piercing the roof thus providing cleaner looking lines to the home. The openings are of a size to prevent the intrusion of bugs.

EZ Flex Uninsulated Length
EZ Flex is manufactured in 8 feet lengths with one end crimped. The crimped end is reinforced and readily accepts screws. The Product is to be in-stalled in accordance with ADC Guidelines. This product is primarily used for venting purposes.

Collars and Sleeves
Polar Air Supply manufactures collars and sleeves in all popular sizes. Collars and sleeves are to be installed in accordance with the ADC Guidelines.

Additional Technical Information

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