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ADC Guidelines - Polar Air Supply Joint Treatment

4.7 Installation Instruction for Air Ducts and Air Connectors - Metallic with Plain Ends

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Connections and Splices

Step 1

1. After cutting duct to desired length. fold back jacket and insulation exposing core. Trim core ends squarely using suitable metal shears. Determine optional sealing method (Steps 2 or 5) before proceeding.

ADC Guidelines - Step 1

Step 2

2. When mastics are required and for pressures [1000 Pa) and over, seal joint with mastic applied uniformly to the outside surface of collar/sleeve. (Disregard this step when not using mastics and proceed to Step 3).

ADC Guidelines - Step 2

Step 3

3. Slide at least 1" [25 mm) of core over metal collar for attaching duct to take off or over ends of a 4" [100 mm] metal sleeve for splicing 2 lengths of duct.

ADC Guidelines - Step 3

Step 4

4. Secure to collar/sleeve using 48 sheet metal screws spaced equally around circumference. Use 3 screws for diameters under 12" [300 mm] and 5 screws for diameters 12" [300 mm] and over.

ADC Guidelines - Step 4

Step 5

5. For pressures under 4" w.g. [1000 Pa] seal joint using 2 wraps of duct tape applied over screw heads and spirally lapping tape to collar/sleeve. (Disregard this step when using mastics per Step 2).

ADC Guidelines - Step 5

Step 6

6. Pull jacket and insulation back over core. Tape jacket with 2 wraps of duct tape. A clamp may he used in place of or in combination with the duct tape.

ADC Guidelines - Step 6


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